Interior Design Trends for Spring 2020

Interior Design Trends for Spring 2020

Spring 2020 is just around the corner, and I wanted to share my latest spring 2020 interior design trends for decorating with clear furniture and accessories. My goal is to refresh and inspire you with easy, quick spring ideas! Who doesn't want a perfect 2020 vision for the months ahead and a clear plan to get you there?

What are the new spring colors for 2020? One of the hot spring 2020 design trends is the use of metallics... whether it’s the still-popular gold trend or timeless chrome, spring 2020 will look fresh and new with metallics. The shimmer and sparkle will give your home a brightness matched only by the longer daylight in which to enjoy it. Either of these metallic shades work with any color story, so feel free to just add them in!

Because redecorating can be overwhelming and expensive, I find it best to focus my clients one room at a time. So I'm going to take you through your home’s first floor rooms and show you items that can bring excitement this spring -- and not “spring a leak” in your bank account!

1. Foyer Spring 2020 Rebirth

How can you spruce up your house this spring? Always start at the beginning and make a good first impression. A great way to get that wow factor in your foyer is to add a gold and acrylic vintage style console table to your entry. I love this acrylic and brass accented console table, reminiscent of the campaign-style furniture made popular in the British colonial era. The brass metal corner detail originated on wooden tables and chests in colonial Africa, and now they are reborn on acrylic furniture. Below, the accessories reinforce the season change to spring and summer with items such as light color books and natural straw accents, not to mention fresh greenery.

spring interior design trend 2020 console table with brass accents gold round mirror with acrylic for spring interior design trends 2020
[1] source. view this product in brass/gold or chrome/silver. [2] source.

If you already have a foyer console table, try adding a lucite and gold metal large round mirror above it. The unexpected shape and scale brings the modern vibe. And don't stop there -- layer in gold accessories and keep that acrylic and gold theme going. The vignette above, with an acrylic bubble' mirror, speaks to the “Hollywood glam” trend… a sexy mix of acrylic and gold.

For foyers with silver tones, the same plan works. Choose an acrylic and silver round mirror such as this large round silver modern wall mirror, giving you the same scale dynamic but in cooler tones.

silver round mirror large for interior design trends 2020

2. Living Room Spring 2020 Refresh

Clear acrylic cocktail tables are an easy way to breathe new life into your living room hibernation. Notice below how eye-catching the gold and lucite cocktail table is in a large room with so many other design elements competing! My design eye is drawn to the bold and bright brass in the center of the room, even though its materials are clear.

living room design trends spring 2020 with brass gold accents

Another great idea for a living room reboot is to add a sexy lucite chair like this brass and leather accent chair. Accent chairs are typically smaller in scale and can be placed or “floated” in any open space for additional seating. I love this brass barrel chair in taupe leather with clear acrylic bubbles on its back. The modern mix of brushed gold, supple leather, and crystal clear acrylic cannot be missed.

living room side chair for spring 2020 interior design trends

3. Dining Room Spring Forward Tip

To spring forward your dining room, find any open dining room wall and add a clear gold metal and acrylic console table. Acrylic or glass console tables come in all sizes, so it doesn't take much to add a sparkle and provide a much-needed serving surface.

dining room interior design trends spring 2020 with console table

An added bonus of console tables is that they partner perfectly with buffet lamps and elegant accessories. Trust me, when you turn on the lamps -- dimly lit, of course! -- and walk by at sunset, your dining room will really make you smile.

Not sure which metal finish you want in your dining room? Try this incredible modern chrome and brass console table with polished nickel, brass, and glass, which mixes gold and silver in one piece, making it a versatile and perfectly universal table for any room.

console table for dining room interior design spring trends 2020

4. Kitchen Reboot for Spring 2020

The kitchen is easier to reboot than you might think… Many of my clients never consider changing their seating seasonally, but with inexpensive acrylic seating, I say go for it! You change and store your clothes seasonally, so why not do that with your barstools or kitchen chairs?

Imagine this kitchen below with heavier upholstered black dining chairs. Perfect for the snow falling outside but too heavy for a warm spring or summer day. I love this addition of these lightweight clear acrylic and chrome modern dining chairs. Now you have a hip black & white kitchen that you can almost feel the breeze in. When the leaves start to fall, return to your warmer chairs and store your inexpensive acrylic beauties for another winter.

kitchen interior design trends spring 2020 with ghost chairs

If you have too many kitchen chairs, then try changing your island barstools to a lighter, springtime feel. Below you can see how airy and light the clear acrylic phantom barstools look versus heavier wood or leather stools -- a quick and inexpensive fix that will make a huge visual difference.

ghost bar stool for kitchen interior design trends spring 2020

5. Family Room Spring Update 2020

Whether you call yours a family room or a great room, this room often gets a lot of action and doesn’t always stay magazine ready. For my clients who want elegance and functionality in this space, I offer the perfect solution.

Try a double-tier acrylic and brass coffee table like so many of my clients have. The glass top surface and brass detail brings the bling, while the bottom shelf brings the function. Store magazines, laptops, and more below deck, and keep the table top for accessorizing. For a family room filled with silver tones, consider a silver version of this bright cocktail table to match your family room's style.

living room interior design trends for spring 2020

For the final spring touch, don't be afraid to buy an inexpensive sisal or grass rug, and give your heavy winter rug a rest. The rug change can help with your spring cleaning, allowing you to access spaces that might not usually get cleaned.

Also consider adding metallic accents throughout the rest of the room, such as the gold leaf petal mirror or this gold metal round mirror with swirls. The marriage of the bright metal, clear acrylic and glass, and the natural grass rug whispers springtime.

So is brass back in style for Spring 2020? Safe to say, the answer is yes! I cannot emphasize how huge brass is right now, as it continues to be one of the hottest trends in interior design, especially as Spring 2020 will be all about metallics.

But don’t be afraid to mix metals! Even though brass is so in right now… chrome can really shine in any room or be mixed with brass as the perfect combination for the brightness of springtime.