Lucite in Bohemian Interior Design: Complete Guide

Lucite in Bohemian Interior Design: Complete Guide

Bohemian interior design is an in-demand and trending style adored by many. Tagged the "free-spirited lion of interior styles," bohemian style combines color, pattern, and texture to deliver a relaxing, head-turning aesthetic.

Unlike modern interior styling, the bohemian interior design style doesn't follow a definite playbook. Instead, it offers users the luxury to tweak whatever they deem fit. Themed around self-expression, bohemian interior design is perfect for individuals seeking a home that showcases their persona.

What's better? The boho chic aesthetic can be incorporated into any home, whether it's a farmhouse neck-deep in the countryside or a modern apartment within the city.

This guide examines the bohemian interior design style, history, core elements, and top boho decor ideas you can adopt in 2024 and beyond.

Are you yearning to know more? Let's get right to it!

Bohemian Interior Design Explained

Before we assess the elements accompanying bohemian design (AKA boho design), let's take a trip down memory lane to uncover its roots.

Bohemian comes from the French word, bohémian. The bohemian aesthetic has a long history traceable to 19th-century Paris. During this timeline, artists moved away from the French bourgeois to lead a different life in city areas characterized by artistry and creativity — not wealth and luxury. This commitment reigns supreme in boho style, as associated designs denote culture, diversity, and pure art.

Unlike most design formats, bohemian interior design has no restrictions whatsoever. As long as you can picture a boho look that'll suit your living space, going all out to achieve it is encouraged. Some interior designers affirm that the bohemian interior design style has no set rules, just flexible guidelines.

The boho style is an excellent fit for those seeking to go the unusual but visually-appealing route when designing their living space.

Bohemian Interior Design Style: Major Characteristics to Note

As we've established, there aren't limits to boho style. However, it's important to note that the free-spirited bohemian home decor has certain elements distinguishing it from other interior decoration styles like the mid-century modern and art deco.

Notable boho style characteristics include:

  • Colors

There are no specifics regarding color in boho spaces. However, it's pertinent to note that the bohemian interior design style typically gravitates towards neutral colors such as white, grey, brown, and green to create a simple base.

Using this base, you can transform your living space via shiny jewel tones like emerald, amethyst, sapphire, and ruby. To create the right boho vibe within your home, you've got to be bold — without reservations!

  • Materials

Concerning materials, boho design utilizes natural and organic variations, including ikat, sisal, rattan, and hand-woven fabrics. These materials take precedence when creating a boho chic aesthetic due to their versatility and peculiar nature.

Fixture finishes are usually metallic, with notable examples ranging from gold and silver to brass and chrome.

  • Decor Style

Your living space is an extension of you. Therefore, it's common to feel pressured when gauging interior design styles that suit your home's needs. During decor selection, you'll most likely have pressing questions: should I opt for shiny and new variations or something traditional and more laid-back?

Bohemian interior design lets you incorporate the best of both worlds. You can also spruce up your home with handmade or original art items, flea market finds, and souvenirs etched in different countries.

  • Ornamentation

Ornamentation refers to the extras that increase the aesthetic appeal of an object. One of the focal points of most boho spaces, any fixture that improves the allure of colors, texture, and patterns in your decor are categorized as ornamentation.

Although ornamentation is integral to boho-designed homes, associated fittings aren't outlandish but soft.

These extras could be poms or tassels set on pillows or area rugs, light fixtures, and decorative chandeliers in the dining room. They could also come as window treatments, such as flowy linen curtains. Trinkets and treasures are recommended for an elevated aesthetic.

  • Greenery

Bohemian decor is closely linked to nature, and greenery is a vital requirement for any boho space due to its vibrance and transformative capabilities. Additionally, plants are straightforward decorations and can be paired with almost anything.

Regarding plants, you don't need to go the extra mile and can use dehydrated flowers and grasses. If gardening isn't your forte, purchase artificial trees, faux succulents, and silk plants. Since they're similar to the real thing, these artificial greenery iterations will blend seamlessly with your living space.

Bohemian interior design styling incorporates greenery

  • Textures and Patterns

Texture and patterns are critical to the makeup of any boho space. What's better? You can add them in multiple ways. Unique bohemian design textures include chenille, silks, burlap, crushed velvet, and sisal — typically integrated into one space. Additionally, the boho interior design works alongside several patterns considered unorthodox by other interior design styles.

8 Boho Style Decorating Ideas

We've just learned about bohemian history and its notable characteristics. Now, let's examine eight boho interior design ideas to transform your home.

Notable mentions include:

Add Botanicals and Greenery

A boho room typically requires botanical and greenery to look and feel complete. Consider adding several easy-care plants to give your home an eclectic look via bohemian styling.

All plants are welcome in the boho style, and you can be extreme when selecting your top picks. You can select a mix of pampas grass, cacti, ferns, succulents, and calathea plants to boost your home's aesthetic appeal.

How about the setup?

To bring the natural world to your home via botanicals and greenery, place them in well-lit spots. Besides adding color and dimension to your home, these placements also aid improved air quality.

NOTE: If you've got furry pets (i.e., dogs and cats), ensure you purchase pet-friendly plants. Why? Some plants contain toxins; if your pet chews and ingests their leaves, it could adversely affect their overall health.

Low-Level Furniture

Low-level furniture is vital to fulfilling the bohemian style within your home. The closer furniture is to the ground, the higher the boho feel within a living space. For instance, low-backed sofas are perfect for creating a boho design around your house.

To step things up a notch with this bohemian-style idea, we recommend doing away with the sofa and paying attention to the floor. How? By utilizing floor cushions, rugs, plush pillows, and poufs that create room for unique bohemian floor seating.

Adopt Maximalism

The "less is more" mantra is ingrained in most popular interior design styles. However, the reverse is the case with the bohemian style, as it embraces maximalism and allows users to go all out when designing their living spaces.

Unlike previous beliefs, maximalism doesn't automatically translate to clutter. It means purposefully decorating available space in a way admired by all. For this endeavor, consider putting up your cherished treasures. And while you can also layer trinkets, ensure they're well-spaced.

Incorporate Rich Patterns and Bold Colors

Consider incorporating rich patterns and bold colors to improve the bohemian style within your home. We've established that bohemian interior design styles don't have a preset color scheme. However, metallic colors, jewel tones, and warm earth tones are recommended to elevate a boho room. For walls, utilize deeper, darker hues to prompt a luxurious finish.

But that's not all:

You can use daring and rich colors like orange and blue to attain a festival-esque style, especially when combined with other bright patterns and colors.

Textile-wise, consider the well-crafted Suzanis (Uzbekistan) or Berbers (Morocco) showcasing dazzling colors and impeccable designs spanning diamonds, stripes, and medallions.

Rich patterns and textures are key aspects of boho spaces

Go Handmade + Natural

The bohemian style, according to its history, is inspired by artistry. As such, it's no surprise handmade designs screaming creativity are central to its theme. Handmade items could revolve around wall hangings, paintings, and sculptures.

Alongside homemade decor, the bohemian interior design incorporates natural elements, notably wood. Wood provides comfort and warmth — critical themes in boho homes. Associated designs could be a rustic wood headboard placed in the bedroom or a woven pendant lamp fitted over a dining table.

Get Decorative

Candles, cozy throw baskets, and sculptures add to the eclectic style prevalent in boho homes. Due to the maximalist approach adopted by the bohemian decor, remember to introduce decorative accents. If naked flames aren't your preference, consider candle-lit lanterns or LED candles. These additions give your home a relaxing and romantic vibe 24/7.

After you've placed these decorations in the right spots, make your home smell heavenly with scented candles, oil heaters, and incense candles.

Don't Shy Away From Fairly Used Items

Choosing bohemian styling within your home means you don't have reservations about integrating used accessories to increase your home's allure. Fairly used or distressed items are design elements crucial in setting up a boho home you'll fall head over heels for.

When setting up that boho vibe within your home, go for items or accessories that have led a different life at another house. Why? It means the item has two critical boho-themed attributes — charm and personality.

So, if you're at a flea market or garage sale, lean towards accessories that tell an exciting story. However, ensure they're alluring and perfect for your boho styling needs.

Infuse Metallics and Mirrors

Metallics and mirrors are foundations in interior design bohemian styles. These fixtures make modern bohemian living rooms look larger and brighter. Metallics and mirrors also add a sense of daily glamor to your living space.

For this idea, take the Do It Yourself (DIY) path and integrate mosaic-tiled mirrors hosting decorative extras. Moroccan-designed lights and lanterns are also encouraged as they'll promote visual interest and comfort when hung low.

Bohemian Design and Lucite Furniture: Is This Combination Possible?

Lucite furniture, just like the bohemian design, is currently trending in the interior design scene. But can boho interior design accommodate lucite furniture like a white jewelry box and acrylic nightstand? The answer is yes!

But why?

For starters, the transparent nature of acrylic furniture makes them perfect for numerous interior design styles — from traditional designs like art deco to eclectic designs like the bohemian.

Since they're clear, they won't interfere with patterns, textures, prints, and colors prevalent in your boho-styled home. Instead, they improve their appeal, making guests appreciate your home's structure and styling.

Lucite furniture fits big spaces, small rooms, and houses with metals, wood, and a steady stream of natural light. Variations like acrylic storage bins and coffee side tables are also recommended if you'd like to divide your home subtly while retaining its boho interior design.

Summarily, acrylic furniture acts as a "chameleon" that can revamp your home aesthetics and give it a decluttered look. Also, their presence makes it easier for the eyes to transition to visually appealing fittings that matter in your bohemian-styled space.

Parting Shot

Still revered among artists deviating from the norm, bohemian design has become a staple for those looking to transform their homes without giving into restrictive principles.

Utilizing the eight boho interior design ideas listed in this guide, you can take your living space from bland to aesthetically pleasing.

And if you'd like to step things up a notch, make lucite furniture part of your home's architecture. Their transparency and sturdiness add to the glitz of your already visually-appealing boho space. Godspeed!

Bohemian styling is excellent. However, you can take its aesthetics further with reliable and sturdy acrylic chairs, tables, and coffee stands strategically positioned across your home. For high-quality and customizable alternatives that'll suit your space, contact Clear Home Design.

We have a vast catalog of long-lasting and rock-solid lucite furniture that'll suit all interior designs, from bohemian to traditional styles like art deco and baroque. Contact us today, and we'll ensure you take delivery of items tallying your interior design palate.